Taste at high altitude. download the poster and find out where you can taste our typical products

Taste at high altitude. download the poster and find out where you can taste our typical products

Discover down below the accommodation facilities, book your next winter and summer vacations in Sestriere.
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Hotel Shackelton

Shackleton Hotel

Via Assietta, 1/bis, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 750773

Placed in the centre of Sestriere, in the heart of Torino 2006…

hotel Banchetta

Banchetta Hotel
dal 1934

Via del Colle, 28, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 70307

A Charming Alpine Hotel 150 meters away from the slopes and lifts of Via Lattea, in a…

Hotel Biancaneve

Biancaneve Hotel

Via Cesana, 12, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 755177

Hotel Lago Losetta

Hotel Lago Losetta

Str. Azzurri d'Italia, 4, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 754041

Hotel Olimpic

Olimpic Hotel

Via Monterotta, 9, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 77344

Hotel Savoy Edelweiss

Hotel Savoy Edelweiss

Via Fraiteve, 7, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 77040

Savoy Edelweiss & Spa Hotel rises in the center of Sestriere, only 150 meters away…

Hotel Sciatori

Hotel Sciatori

Via S. Filippo, 5, 10058 Borgata Sestriere TO

0122 751920

Sciatori Hotel is in Sestriere Borgata, in a quiet location only 450 meters…

Hotel Sud Ovest

Sud Ovest Hotel

Via Assietta, 1/bis, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 755222

The Roux Renzo family is proud to welcome you at Sud-Ovest hotel, in the 2006 Olympic venue Sestriere…

Hotel del centro

Del Centro Hotel

Via Nazionale, 17, Champlas du Col - 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 77138

Del Centro Hotel is located in Champlas Du Col, in Sestriere, green and colourful spot…

Residence palace 1 & 2

Residence Palace Resort 1 & 2

Via Monterotta, 18, 10058 Sestriere TO

0122 76886

Residence Palace 1 & 2 form a modern apartment complex in panoramic and sunny position in Sestriere…

chalet weal

Chalet Weal

Via Cesana, 1, 10058 Sestriere TO

392 5916927

Weal Chalet is a wonderful and characteristic newly built wood and stone residence on the Sestriere…

Hotel hermitage

Hotel Hermitage

Via del Colle 50, Sestriere (Borgata)
Hotel Cristallo

Hotel Cristallo

Via Pinerolo, 5, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Fraitevino

Hotel Il Fraitevino

Piazza Fraiteve, 3/bis, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Grand Hotel

Hotel Grand Hotel

Via Assietta, 1 Sestriere, TO 10058 Italia
Hotel Principi di Piemonte

Hotel Principi di Piemonte

Via Sauze, 3, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere

Via Cesana, 18, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Cavalieri

Hotel Grand Roc

Via Plagnol, 2/bis, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Villaggio olimpico

Hotel Villaggio Olimpico

Via Sauze, 14, 10058 Sestriere TO
Hotel Aurum Duchi_d_Aosta

Hotel Duchi d’Aosta – Aurum

Via Vincenzo Possetto, 5, 10058 Sestriere TO
Residence Chalet Edelweiss

Residence Chalet Edelweiss

Via Azzurri D'Italia, 7, 10058 Sestriere TO
Residence L'Teit

Residence L’Teit

Via del Colle, 10, 10058 Borgata Sestriere TO
Residence Nube D'argento

Residence Nube d’Argento

Via del Colle, 11, 10058 Sestriere TO